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Special Requests

Undo-It Jar Opener

A ‘V’shaped metal opener with non-slip lining that screws underneath a shelf or cupboard. Slide jar into V until lid wedges then twist.

Throne Grab Rails and Spacers

The Throne Grab Rails offer an alternative to most toilet aids available. They provide closer bi-lateral hand support to the user and have greatly improved access and safety in toileting. The concept consists of placing the rails closer to the user’s hand grip and not on the wall. This allows for easier access to lower onto the toilet and makes it easier to ‘push up’, rather than ‘pull up’. Throne Rails are made of stainless steel, they are available in stainless steel or powder-coated white. They are independent of floor and walls supports which can impede movement. The spacer, a toilet seat raiser providing elevation ‘under’ the toilet seat. The spacer when fitted provides greater ease when lowering, sitting and raising from the seat. The spacers are available in two heights, 50mm and 80mm, the spacer can be fitted independently or in conjunction with the Throne Grab Rails. When ordering an 80mm spacer, a spacer bracket is required.

Hearing Impaired Door Bells

When this doorbell rings, the sound is accompanied by several bright flashes from the receiver’s built in strobe light, which makes it much easier for a hearing impaired person to know that someone is at the door. The sounder is portable and can be taken from room to room, or even used outdoors and will work up to 30 metres from the transmitter button. The melody can be set to one of seven different sounds and has two volume levels; medium and loud. The unit is supplied with a neck lanyard and mounting hardware for the transmitter button.

Stainless Steel Corner Moulds

Special Requests