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Lever Taps

Quarter (¼) turn lever taps are installed anywhere in the house to replace dripping or difficult to turn off and on taps. These are very popular with the elderly and veterans as they can be operated with one finger if needed.

Hand Held Shower Hoses

This unit consists of a high pressure white 2 metre hose and shower head with one chrome hook installed at approximate height of existing rose.  Extra chrome hooks can also be installed upon request.

If both existing rose and shower hose is required a switchcock diverter can be installed allowing the water flow to be diverted from either outlet by a push/pull motion.

Hand Held Shower Hose on Sliding Rails

This unit consists of a high pressure chrome 2 metre hose and shower head which attaches to a 600mm stainless steel knurled rail.  This allows shower head to be height adjusted along any length of the rail, and can be taken off the peg and used as a hand held shower.