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Magnetic Door Catch

Consist of an adjustable magnetic stem which is commonly installed on a solid surface and a round button like catch positioned on the door. These smooth stainless finish devices provide easy access through internal and external doors once installed, to stop door/screen from banging onto backs of legs whilst entering/exiting room or house. If required a post can also be installed to provide a solid fixing surface if a wall or roof area is out of reach.

Door Straps

To safely close a held door, a black nylon webbing strap can be installed onto screen doors upon request.

Door Re-Swings

Most commonly required for a toilet or bathroom door. The door is removed and rehung to open outwards to provide safer and easier access to the bathroom or toilet.

Door Lift Off Hinges

These are mainly installed for a safety issue. Once the existing hinges are removed, lift-off hinges are installed, allowing the door to be removed in case of an emergency.

Door Lever Handles

These can only be used when an existing cylinder lock is installed on the door. These handles are best used for internal doors.